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We are working with TR[1]BE to help protect Peruvian Rainforest and within that endangered animals such as the Black Faced Spider Monkey, the White Bellied Spider Monkey and the Giant Otter.

We already have a recurring donation to Help Save The Rainforest and these endangered animals, but on top, every sign up to the VEGAN Happy newsletter results in another donation. More rainforest saved = more endangered animals helped.

All donations collected are transfered to the Rainforest Trust to save habitat in the Peruvian Amazon. Every £1 collected is doubled by their SAVES Challenge. So your donations make 2x the impact!

Amazonia is the world’s largest tropical forest and spans nine countries in South America. After Brazil, Peru has the greatest extension of this biome which represents more than half of the surface of the country. The Loreto and Ucayali Regions are the two largest Amazon regions in Peru and are traditionally occupied and protected by indigenous groups. Unfortunately, hundreds of indigenous communities have no recognized ownership rights and their lands are under tremendous pressure from logging, agro-industries and colonists. Without the titles to their territories, native communities have no legal instrument to defend these lands from activities like logging and agricultural expansion. Rainforest Trust and local partner Center for the Development of an Indigenous Amazon (CEDIA) seek $4,583,920 to title 220 communities covering more than six million acres in order to legally protect indigenous lands. It is crucial to close the unprotected gaps between indigenous territories to prevent colonists and industries from negatively affecting the integrity of the ecosystems. In addition to granting communities the rights to their land, this will provide protection for Endangered species such as the White-bellied Spider Monkey, Giant Otter and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey.

The Black Faced Spider Monkey


Loreto and Ucayali Regions, Peru


6,102,946 acres

Key Species (Based on IUCN Red List):

Black-faced Black Spider Monkey (EN), Giant Otter (EN), White-bellied Spider Monkey (EN)


5 ecoregions of moist forest (Ucayali, Napo, Southwest Amazon, Iquitos Varzea and Solimoes Japurá)


Lack of land titles promotes the idea of “free land”, logging, mining, oil and gas extraction and colonization for agriculture.

The White Bellied Spider Monkey

The Giant Otter

So SPREAD THE WORD! Get everyone you know who is vegan to sign up to our newsletter and help save more rainforest and help these animals...

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