Our Amazing Workout Range, now back in stock in 6 colours!

Our amazing TriDri 3D Fit workout range is now back in stock, in up to 6 colours across three items.

Our gorgeous workout vest https://www.veganhappyclothing.co.uk/product-page/vegan-happy-women-s-tri-dri-tri-dri-seamless-3d-fit-sports-vest

Our 3D Fit sports bra https://www.veganhappyclothing.co.uk/product-page/vegan-happy-women-s-3d-fit-tri-dri-sports-bra

Our amazing sculpting leggings https://www.veganhappyclothing.co.uk/product-page/women-s-vegan-workout-tri-dri-leggings

Some are available in 5 colours but for some, the new option of black has also just been added.

These are just yummy, and don't forget that 10% or more of our profits always goes back to animal rescue.

Much love, VEGAN Happy xx

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